The MacBook Pro 13 which Apple brought out in late 2012, has been recognized by all as the most eye-catching and state-of-the-art laptop of its class. There's no worries at all recognizing the Apple merchandise with its signature aluminium cover and the logo that lights up at the back of the LCD.

Our crew have had clients hand in a MacBook Pro 13 in desperate need of restoration as a result of water damage, overheating and being dropped. We are happy to help any MacBook Pro 13 owner whose unit is ruined. Our technicians are experts and leaders in repairing Apple products and your precious unit will be dealt with in the most competent method. Any problem will be very promptly determined and dealt with professionally and precisely by our technicians.

What's more, if parts of the MacBook Pro 13 need to be replaced, we guarantees its clients that the company makes use of only top-rated original Apple components. This is because we recognize the value of an original part cannot be matched by any other imitation part.

What's more, a 90-day warranty comes with every repair or replacement done to your MacBook Pro 13. The warranty allows you to return the unit for a more comprehensive review free of charge if it is still not functioning correctly after fixing. We will give you a 100 % reimbursement if nothing can be worked out for your MacBook Pro.

Our firm has been renowned for giving our customers the most effective turnover time among any other competing organizations. It will take us between 1 to 3 business days to deal with your MacBook Pro once we acquire it from you.

In all this, we strive at the same time to keep a green practice. We exercise a ?paper free? system to aid in limiting our carbon footprint. The company keeps its records in the computer and receipts are sent to customers by way of the e-mail, therefore eradicating the requirement of paper.

So anytime your MacBook Pro 13 needs to be seen to, do visit us online at or come personally to eCurve, Petaling Jaya or the Village Mall, Sungai Petani and we will guarantee that your unit is back in working condition

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